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Check out these Real Life Patient Case Studies!

HomeCheck out these Real Life Patient Case Studies!

Kevin is a 42 year old male who began experiencing persistent knee pain after a sports injury that he sustained playing tennis. He had tried various conservative treatments, including physio therapy and over-the-counter pain relievers, but he was still experiencing discomfort and difficulty with activities and daily living.

After consulting with Viktoria at MLPRC, Kevin decided to undergo MLS laser treatments for his knee pain. Over the course of several laser sessions, Kevin reported a gradual reduction in his knee pain. He was able to participate in activities that had previously been painful, such as hiking and golfing, he’s even back to playing tennis! Kevin also reported being able to sleep straight through the night without waking up due to pain.

After completing 8 MLS laser treatments, Kevin is back to good health and enjoying a significant improvement in his overall quality of life. He is no longer experiencing constant knee pain, and has been able to resume activities he’d previously had to avoid. He expressed gratitude for MLS laser technology and the My Laser Pain Relief Centre, and recommended it to others experiencing similar issues.

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