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Don’t let your arthritis keep you sidelined – get back in the game with laser therapy treatments!

Arthritis Arthritis affects roughly 6 million adults in Canada, and the number is on the rise. That equates to one out of five people dealing with pain, immobility, inability to work, mental issues, and other symptoms related to arthritis. What if we told you that you could keep arthritis from having such a huge impact on your overall health and quality of life?

At My Laser Pain Relief Centre, we offer laser pain therapy that is a fast-acting solution for reducing pain, relieving inflammation, and restoring the mobility you may have thought was gone forever.

Arthritis in Collingwood, Ontario

Our MLS laser therapy treatments use specific wavelengths of light that reduce edema (swelling) and inflammation, which are two of the common factors in arthritis that make it a painful condition. Many of our patients experience positive results in just one to three sessions. Although arthritis is a degenerative condition, the progress can be slowed by being more active. The problem is that arthritis pain can make that impossible. By reducing the pain with laser therapy, you can be more active, thereby reducing the long-term effects. An occasional laser therapy treatment is necessary to keep the inflammation and swelling in check so you can continue to enjoy mobility and reduced pain.

If you have been struggling to enjoy the activities that the Collingwood, Ontario area has to offer and everyday tasks are proving to be more challenging, we recommend reaching out to us to schedule a consultation. Whether you have been diagnosed with arthritis or suspect that is the reason for your discomfort, contact us to learn if MLS laser therapy could be the solution for the relief of pain you seek. Our therapy sessions for treating arthritis are very affordable and can be purchased in packages for additional savings. Check out our rates and packages here.

Our specialists have provided pain relief for clients like you in Collingwood, and we are proud to be the solution for so many who are living in pain. You, too, can enjoy these benefits and do the things you love to do, pain-free.

Discover the benefits of MLS laser therapy today! Call today to learn more, or book your free consultation!