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Golfer’s Elbow

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Get back to the game you love with our effective treatments for golfer’s elbow.

If you are experiencing pain on the inner portion of your forearm, tenderness on the inner part of your elbow, or stiffness or weakness in your wrists, you could have a medical condition called medial epicondylitis, also known as golfer’s elbow. Despite its name, you can get this condition in other ways besides playing golf. Any action that uses forceful finger and wrist movements can damage the muscles. Without treatment, golfer’s elbow can lead to chronic elbow pain, limited motion, and contracture.

Golfer’s Elbow in Collingwood, Ontario

At My Laser Pain Relief Centre, we offer MLS laser therapy treatment sessions that are effective for reducing the inflammatory pain associated with golfer’s elbow. It is a non-invasive option that our patients choose rather than turn to surgery when taking corticosteroids and analgesics has been ineffective. If you would prefer to avoid surgery or taking medications, MLS laser therapy is the best option.

Another reason to consider MLS laser therapy for golfer’s elbow is so that you can get back to golf or weight training without waiting months or even a year or two for the condition to heal on its own. Laser therapy speeds healing without the potential side effects of a surgical solution. The number of sessions that will be needed varies, with most patients noticing at least some pain reduction after the first or second treatment.

We recommend reaching out to us to schedule a consultation if you haven’t been able to get out on the Collingwood, Ontario golf courses due to pain in your arm, elbow, or wrist. Our specialists have provided pain relief for clients like you in the area. You, too, can put your pain behind you without the need for surgery, and get back to the game you love.

Call today and discover the benefits of MLS laser therapy or book your free consultation!