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Knee Pain

MLS laser therapy can be an effective treatment for knee pain, both for temporary pain-relief and long-term healing.

Knee pain is one of the common complaints among adults. It can be caused by multiple reasons, like muscle wear and tear due to daily activities like walking or running, or even just standing. More active people like athletes who play sports that involve jumping are more prone to knee pain and may even suffer injuries. It can also be caused by degenerative joint conditions, neurological conditions, and related inflammation.

If you are suffering from either chronic knee pain or pain caused by an injury, MLS laser therapy can prove helpful so you can get back to doing things you love without pain.

MLS Laser Therapy is the most advanced laser therapy system available. It can be an alternative treatment for invasive procedures like injections or surgery, as it is painless, drugless, and non-invasive.

At My Laser Pain Relief Centre, we help patients in the Collingwood, Ontario area experience rapid pain relief and maintain a strong anti-inflammatory effect. MLS laser therapy reduces inflammation and edema or swelling, which results in quick pain reduction and gives your body the chance to heal. If your knee pain is related to muscles, ligaments, or tendons, you gain the added benefit of improved blood circulation so they can heal quicker. The bottom line is that laser therapy helps whether your back pain is due to injury or because of a condition that is worsened by reduced blood circulation, inflammation, or swelling.

We recommend scheduling a consultation so we can discuss your knee pain and determine the expected number of treatment sessions to bring you relief and help with healing.

If you have been considering knee surgery, we recommend trying MLS laser therapy first. There is a good chance you will get the pain relief you need. If you do decide to have surgery, we can use laser therapy for the post-surgical pain and swelling, and it will speed the healing of the surgical wounds.

If you would like to know more about MLS laser therapy and how effective it can be for treating knee pain, contact us to schedule a consultation. Our specialists have provided pain relief for clients like you in Collingwood, Ontario.

Discover the benefits of MLS laser therapy today!  Call today to learn more, or book your free consultation!